/ 16 Before 2016

Morning Routine Check-In

Last week I decided to implement a new morning routine. The first few days of this routine were a lot harder than I anticipated. I didn’t take Ginny for a walk around the block (she has a nice big backyard to play in for anyone who is worried about me neglecting my wonderful pup) or do yoga and trying to get those few tasks done in the beginning of the day seemed like such an effort. By day 4 I started really buckling down and just “making myself” do it. After that things just became a bit easier. Once I decided that these items were non-negotiable and had to get done, I just started viewing them differently.

So far I am enjoying the change in pace. I feel a bit more focused and ready for the day when I get into my craft area to work. I’ve also implemented the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro Technique is basically a way to keep yourself focused by using a timer. You choose a task, I started with my biggest task of the day, and set your timer for 25 minutes. You stay completely focused for 25 minutes and then get a 5 minute break to do whatever you want. Then you start your timer again and work for another uninterrupted 25 minutes. After your 3rd round of hard work you get a 15 minute break. Oh man, that 15 minute break almost feels like a vacation! I have been using a great Chrome plug in called Pomello to not only time myself but also pull from my Trello Boards to keep me on task! Knowing that I only have to do this one task for 25 minutes straight has helped me get through my tasks much faster. Something that I may dread doing and procrastinate on, gets done in 10 minutes. It’s such a wonderful feeling, especially first thing in the morning!

I’ve had problems with getting up at 9 am, especially during the weekend because I end up working so late the night before. I’ve decided to cut myself some slack on the weekends and not feel too guilty. One of the biggest tips to having a good morning routine is having a bedtime set. Unfortunately I’m not able to do that so I’ve been trying my best to get to bed around midnight on nights it’s possible.

Ginny Rain

I’ve also been pretty terrible at doing yoga everyday or taking Ginny for a walk. It’s been rainy here so I was only able to take her out once this week. I think with the Yoga I just need to stick to a certain program. I haven’t decided on one yet, but I’m thinking about doing the free 30 days of Yoga with Erin Motz. If you haven’t checked out Bad Yogi yet, do it! She has such a fun personality and the yoga routines are wonderful.

Knowing what my morning routine will be has helped shape my night time routine. I haven’t changed much about it yet (work in progress) but I have started writing down a few tasks that I really want to have completed the next morning. This helps my groggy brain in the morning choose what tasks need to be worked on.

I’m hoping this week goes a bit more smoothly and that I’m able to accomplish more of my daily goals.

Anybody have any tips on how to achieve a great morning routine? Do you have a morning routine that has helped you be productive?