Today I passed my Social Studies portion of the GED!

I am only 1 test away from completing my GED! Woo! This is a huge step for me. I haven’t been in a physical school since 2006. That’s crazy. I feel like it’s taken me longer to complete my GED because of how much I’ve hyped it up in my head. Don’t get me wrong- the tests are not easy. I also don’t think they’re as hard as I made them out to be before I took them.

One of my goals from the 16 before 2016 was to complete my GED and the way I’m doing it is actually pretty simple to explain. Not only am I giving myself the deadline of 2016, but I actually just signed up for the last test (Science) scheduled for less than a week from now! I’ve decided to do it so quickly so that I can’t talk myself out of it. Hello, pressure! Also, if I fail I’ll still have time to take them again before 2016. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen though.

I have been using a Kaplan GED study guide book along with taking the official practice tests online. That has honestly been enough for me for these two subjects. When I was getting ready to take my Math portion of the GED I took a local class for free to get prepared. I am so glad I did. I also have been using Pinterest (surprise, surprise) to find some different and fun ways to study the material. It’s been tricky for me to study by myself, especially since I’ve been out of school so long. I’ve realized that using the Pomodoro technique is super helpful when studying: 25 minutes of super focused studying and then a 5 minute break, 25 minutes studying, 5 minutes break, 25 minutes studying and then 15 whole minutes of freedom.

I feel like I’m not a great test taker, which always hurts my confidence a bit the day of a big test. Having said that though, I’ve been doing really well with these tests. It may just all be in my head. I can’t wait to get this goal finished with! :D

Are/were you a good test taker?