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Does anyone else have a bookshelf of books they still need to read? Do you keep buying new books? Or is this just me?

One of my goals for 2016 is to read more. My exact number to reach is 50 books! I have started updating my GoodReads account to see what I’ve started reading but haven’t finished. I want to start with those books and get them all finished. My 2016 Challenge shelf is on Good Reads, add me as a friend! If the 16 goals before 2016 taught me anything, it’s that I can read a lot more books than I thought I could. I finished 8 books before 2016. That’s 5 more books than my goal…..that’s in just over ONE month! I needed an engaging book series that was short and fun to read. The Sookie Stackhouse novels were perfect for me. After I complete the series I plan on starting The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I started reading them years ago and I know that I enjoy them a lot.

To get myself to read more often I have also decided to get back into audio books. I LOVE audio books. I am halfway through Insurgent and halfway through The Maze Runner right now. I was checking them out from the digital library for free, but when my time was up I couldn't recheck them out immediately. It’s a little frustrating and definitely leaves me hanging in the middle of a story! I am thinking of getting audible or something similar to solve this problem. I am also planning on carrying a little paperback book with me all the time so that I can read when I have downtime. I also want to get some ebooks. I am thinking of sticking to my library for these. It is a little frustrating when I can’t get the books back when they expire but I’m slowly learning how to use the software and hopefully can renew them before they’re due. I’m hoping that having a wide variety of books to read and ways to read them will make my goal a lot easier to achieve.

I also have this great reading log that I love filling out every time I complete a book. I am hoping to have it pretty filled out by the end of 2016. I love including favorite quotes, information about characters, how to pronounce their names or how they’re related to other characters (this is great with a series of books) or even comparing books to the movies/TV shows if they had one based off of them. It’s a challenge but very enjoyable to record.

Do you have reading goals this year? How are you planning on achieving them?