A Little About Creativity

Emma Chapman wrote this wonderful blog post the other day at A Beautiful Mess about creativity. It inspired me so much to continue the work that I’ve been doing these past few weeks. I have been working really hard on not only completing my Project Life and enjoying the process but also trying to learn new techniques and look at scrapbooking in a different way. I have been learning how to use embellishments and stamps and all these random goodies and sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. That’s okay. I’m okay with learning and even learning slowly. I am sharing my progress on this stuff because not everyone who starts project life knows how to make things just look beautiful. Not yet anyway. I am thrilled that I’m memory keeping and that I have journaling and pictures together. Everything else, the prettiness, the fun embellishments, all of that needs to come second. I am a beginner and I’m excited to be learning! So if you have any tips on anything I share, please let me know! I simply won’t know any better if no one tells me. ;)

Here are some snippets from some of my progress with my Project Life Catch Up! This is from the month of May. I had a lot of fun matching colors from different paper sets and finding embellishments to go along with it. This picture of my breakfast was really hard to work with because it was on my ugly green countertop and I couldn’t figure out quite what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted the word yum and maybe an arrow pointing. I took some wood veneers that I got from Studio Calico and dyed them blue. I then placed them on a light blue circle tag and promptly hated how it looked. It seemed so out of place and no matter how I laid it down I just couldn’t make it feel right.

embellishment project life

I then decided to completely change my approach and keep it super simple. My friend, Nerdy Mary, is SO good at using words in her scrapbook layouts. She seems to use a lot of alphabet stickers and thicker and just makes it look effortless. I decided to give that a shot and I actually loved the simplicity of it! I just used some green washi tape, some colored alphabet stickers and framed the corners. I liked the end product much more.
Project Life embellishment
I’m also starting to mat my photos if they’re smaller than a 4x6/3x4. I saw it on a few youtube videos from Two Peas in a Bucket and have fallen in love with how it looks. Here’s an example of one that I did.

Scrapbook wood veneer

As you can see I also had a little heart wood veneer and a hello tag. I am super proud of this little design!

This is how I started my layout:
Scrapbooking layout

This where I am right now:
Scrapbooking Layout

Sorry for the phone pictures. I forgot to take pictures with my camera. I also decided to leave my laptop charge cord in the way for unknown reasons. ha. I still have a bit to go before I call it “finished” but I’m really excited by how it’s coming together! I am slowly working through May and I’m trying not to get too stuck on embellishing and trying new things but I am enjoying the process as well.

What little techniques are you trying to learn?