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3 Months Goals

I have a major list of goals written down. After working through the 16 before 2016 I realized that I work much better with my goals in smaller chunks. I am taking this right out of Lisa Jacobs, Your Best Year Yet workbook. She has a prompt called The Power of 3’s. It has your big goal listed on the top of the page with To-Do lists for the next 3 months, and then the next 3 weeks. It’s such a simple idea but I love it. I will be breaking all my big goals down into 3 month chunks and then 3 weeks. I think this will actually keep me moving forward in my goal reaching. I was given Omnifocus as a Christmas gift this year so I have already started writing out my goals for the year as their own Projects. It has really helped me to break down all these goals into manageable steps. So here are my goals for the next 3 months!

My big goals for the year are to blog all year long and to open my Etsy Shop.

In the next 3 months I will need to:

  • Set up Editorial Calendar for 2016
  • Set up Social Media tracking
  • Figure out shop shipping guidelines and costs
  • Complete Etsy Profile
  • Create About Me page on ESC site
  • Blog twice a week starting in January
  • Create Items in Etsy Shop
  • Create Everyday
  • Start 100 days of Yoga

In the next 3 weeks I am going to:

  • Figure out shop shipping guidelines and costs.
    • Due date: January 25th
  • Set up Editorial Calendar for 2016.
    • Due date: January 22nd
  • Blog twice a week starting in January.
    • Due date: January 6th-30th

I will also be starting my 100 days of Yoga on January 5th! For this challenge I’ll be attempting to follow the Ultimate Yogi DVD course. On days that I’m not able to do a class of that, I’ll be using Bad Yogi’s youtube channel for my routines. :) I am really excited and nervous about committing to 100 full days of yoga but I think I will love it.

I originally wanted to make the goal to create something everyday. I got this idea from the wonderful Crystal Moody. I wanted to choose something like drawing everyday or learning something specific, but I’ve decided to keep it at just creating SOMETHING every single day. I'm committing at least 15 minutes a day on doing something creative and naturally that will lead to the completion of some fun craft projects I've been putting off. This will also help me figure out what hobbies I enjoy most. I have a list of crafty things I want to try and to learn and I am committing to learning them this year!

I feel like these are manageable steps to achieving my goals and I’m excited to check back here in 3 weeks to update my progress!

Have you set your goals for 2016? Do you break them down into smaller steps?