/ 16 Before 2016

16 Before 2016

Lisa Jacobs started the 16 before 2016 challenge at the end of October. I’ve decided to join in the fun this year. To be honest, I can’t even remember my goals for 2015, but I know what I want to get completed before the new year.

I am giving myself 50 days (the number of days left until 2016) worth of goals to start achieving. 50 days seems like such a great number to start with.

  1. Catch up on Project Life 2015
  2. Complete GED
  3. Create Morning Routine
  4. Complete 2 books
  5. Complete December Daily
  6. Visit Christmas light displays around town
  7. 8,000 steps per day in December
  8. Organize 2014 photos
  9. Shoulder stretches Daily
  10. Blog 3 days per week
  11. Pay an extra $150 on CC
  12. Do yoga 3 days per week
  13. Write an action plan for 2016 goals
  14. Create and send out Christmas cards
  15. Complete HTML & CSS Course on Codecademy
  16. Put lotion on everyday.

I broke down my list to a few different categories. I have my creative focus, health, financial and some holiday fun. I am trying to find a good way to track these goals for the next 50 days, but for now, I’ve just written the list out and have it in a spot I’ll see it everyday. I’ve broken down some of these goals to smaller steps so that I can work towards them. I will be going into more detail about some of these in some later blog posts as well.

My Project Life goal I broke down into smaller pieces in my Catch Up post last week, but some of these other goals are just in the planning stages. Completing my GED seems like such a big project, but I know I can finish this one by the end of November. I only have 2 more tests to take before I’m finally done! Creating a morning routine will not just involve writing down what I want but actually implementing it. Completing two books means putting the time aside to read! None of these goals are terribly difficult, they just take some effort and planning. Something I know I will have to work at.

I’m hoping at the end of these 50 days I’ll feel more accomplished and ready to take on the new goals for 2016. :)

Are you doing Lisa Jacobs 16 before 2016 challenge? How are you breaking down your goals?