Summer Smashbook Project: Explore Tulsa

Summer Smashbook Project: Explore Tulsa

I am really big on exploring the place you live. My husband and I moved from a small town in Georgia and I’d lived there for about 6 years but my husband, Randall, basically lived there his whole life. I learned after we moved to Tulsa that he had never been to one of the BIGGEST touristy places in our old home town. Now, Randall & I have lived in Tulsa for almost 5 years and there’s been the possibility of us moving away sometime in the next few years. With that in mind, I wanted to explore everything that this area had to offer. That includes OKC, Route 66, even middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma. I want to get out of my “usual places” to visit and check out all these new wonderful places.

I’m putting together a journal to keep track of the places I want to go and things I want to do in the Tulsa area. I’m hoping to record some of it to share with you guys as well. I’ve decided to keep this as simple as possible and not to purchase anything for this project. Just use up what I have on hand. I will be using a Smashbook journal. The idea of a Smashbook is just to put memorabilia and pictures and journaling altogether without feeling like it has to be perfect. Or at least that’s my take on it.


I have this wonderful little Instax camera to take some fun little snapshots. I will be mixing random tidbits (brochures, receipts, any ephemera) as well as regular pictures that I get printed. As I move forward I plan on using some project life cards and Happy Planner stickers in this project. Using supplies I already have on hand and really just focusing on the memory preservation side and not worrying about perfectionism too much.

I know this was just a short intro to my little project but I’m excited to fill this out as I start my summer adventures! My next project will be to catch up on my Project Life album. Bah. Anybody else feel like they’re constantly behind on this?