Starting December Daily

Starting December Daily

I am so excited about participating in December Daily! I started today by documenting my walk with Ginny. She is slowly learning to walk on a leash....very slowly.

For those of you who don't know what December Daily is, it's a scrapbook idea created by Ali Edwards to document the 25 days before Christmas. There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest on different ways to do this album. I've decided to try out the 6x8 album for this project! I have been wanting to play with this size for a while so I'm super stoked to see how it turns out. Most people recommend getting your album set up at the beginning of the month. I decided not to do that this time because I like having my pictures in front of me when I'm laying out the album. I did set aside my more holiday themed papers, washi, and ephemera to use throughout this project. Right now, my plan is to just collect memorabilia in a manila envelope, take lots of pictures on my phone and with my camera, and to work on this album weekly. I haven't decided if I'll print at home on my photo printer or if I'll take my photos to get printed. I am leaning towards printing at home just so I can have some pretty white borders on my photos. Every time I've tried to do that and get it printed somewhere, my white border gets cut off. It's slightly irritating. Does anyone know of a solution to this?

I have accepted the position of seasonal sales associate at a local retail shop this month as well. I know there will be tons of fun things to record this month!

I am going to try to show my progress here once a week for the month and show what works for me and what doesn't. Have I mentioned I am excited?!

Are you doing December Daily this year? Do you have a plan?