Project Life Catch-Up 2015

Project Life Catch-Up 2015

"Do it now, sometimes later becomes never."

I feel like this has become a motto in my life lately. I want to start writing in this blog, but what will I write about? What if it’s not very good? The absolute worst thing that could happen is not starting at all. So, Off we go!

I am currently 5 months behind on my Project Life album for the year. This is about the point that I’d normally give up on it. But I am much more organized this year than I have been in the past and I’m ready to get caught up! I’ve looked at a bunch of “catching up on Project Life” blog posts and looked at all the fun printouts and plans. I just don’t feel like any of it is what I need. I’m taking a slightly different approach to this massive project. Starting with baby steps! This week I am focusing on getting all of my photos printed. I’ve already started getting all the photos in the correct folders on my computer and getting started on editing them as well. I have a bit of a different system than most Project Life bloggers I follow because I use an android phone.

My process looks a bit like this:

  1. Take pictures on my Galaxy S6 (very rarely on my actual camera)
    • I use Photofy and PicFrame for any phone editing.
    • I also use Snapchat a lot...
    • I save a lot of screenshots of texts and random tidbits of my life.
  2. Back up on Google Photos
    • This is done automatically from my phone and it’s kept in chronological order!
  3. Save to correct monthly folders on my computer
    • Doing this in monthly chunks keeps it from being too confusing or overwhelming.
  4. Edit in photoshop in correct sizes
    • This is where I put two 3x4 on a 4x6 to get printed.
  5. Save in “Ready to Print” folder for that month
    • This makes the edited pics easy to find.
  6. Send off to printers!
    • This depends on how quickly I need the prints. I usually use Walgreens for convenience and other sites for sales.
    • This month I'm testing out the free Snapfish photos from their app.

Now to keep track of all these little tasks I have created a Trello Board. I love using Trello and moving things around as they get completed. This has kept me from printing the same month twice, or just generally getting lost and wondering where to begin.

Obviously this is not the most fun process but it has made things easier to keep track of. I have made it my goal to get completely caught up on the year by the end of November. Hopefully just in time to do December Daily! I am currently working on plans for both of these projects. This week my goal is to just get all of my photos through the process listed above.

I’ve seen all of these cute print outs and plans I can do to get caught up. But I think just keeping this as SIMPLE as possible is what’s going to work for me. So, I’ve come up with a basic plan for the month.

Week 1: Edit and Print all pictures up till November.
Week 2: Lay out pages (no journaling or embellishments)
Week 3: Continue laying out pages (no journaling or embellishments)
Week 4: Embellish and journal away!


This is what laying out a page with no journaling or embellishments looks like for me. My album is a 12x12 album with Design A layouts. By having only one design layout it is much easier for me to do batch printing without over thinking. Oh, and I scrap by the month. I tried doing a weekly layout when I first started Project Life and just couldn't keep up. I love the freedom that by the month scrapping gives me. I end up with a lot of 3x4 photos because I take so many pictures with my phone, but it usually balances out with the 4x6. I don’t have a core kit that I’m using (which I admit, makes things tricky sometimes) but I have lots of cards collected from my time as a Studio Calico subscriber. I’m hoping to work through my stash as well as start making my own cards and maybe even start using my silhouette to personalize some things. Hopefully I can get a few months laid out this week and then get to the fun embellishing and journaling parts.

While editing photos I definitely recommend listening to a podcast. This week my favorite is Elise Gets Crafty. You will feel so refreshed and motivated even while doing the most boring tasks. Thanks for being awesome Elise!

Is anyone else doing some late year catching up? How are you doing it?