Morning Routine

Morning Routine

I’ve decided to focus on my morning routine for November. Since we got our dog Ginny, I’ve been getting up between 8:45 and 9 everyday (I don’t get home from work until late). Mostly, my mornings are just led by whatever I feel like doing. Which is usually just breakfast and coffee. I’ve been reading a lot of Flylady information again and want to start building a solid morning routine that will help me not only accomplish my goals for the year, but just keep my house in some sort of order. There’s only me, Randall, and Ginny so it really shouldn’t be that difficult, but without it being a priority, things just start to build up.

Ginny After doing some research on what a “good” morning routine includes, I’ve decided to build my own. Most people have the same major priorities in their morning routines. They start the day with water, coffee, and breakfast. They work out and stretch and then meditate or journal. Some people do affirmations in front of a mirror and some don’t. Almost everyone suggests doing the most important task of the day first (a.k.a. eating the frog).

I want to start everyday with a cup of water. Whether it has lemon or not will just depend on the day. One cup of water before my coffee sounds doable. After water I want to do my work out. I am aiming to do yoga 3 times per week at home this month, so some days will start with that. On the other days I want to start getting Ginny used to walking on a leash. I’m thinking a short walk around the neighborhood will do us both some good. After working out, I want to cook and eat breakfast while listening to podcasts or audio books. After breakfast, I want to get showered and dressed to my shoes. Following my Flylady plan for the day will be after that and then, comes deciding my biggest task of the day before I have to go to work in the afternoon.

For the next week, each morning I will:
Wake up by 9 am.
Drink 8 oz of water.
Do yoga or walk the dog.
Cook & eat breakfast while listening to audio books or a podcast.
Shower & get ready for the day.
Shine my sink/Do my Flylady routine
Write or review my goals for the day and START!

I will be writing out my daily routine list out for every day and also breaking down Flyladys baby step plan so all of that gets completed as well!

This all feels achievable. I’ll check in next week with my progress as well as post daily on Instagram. Hopefully doing this for the next month will make my new habits stick. I am excited to be working through my 16 goals in 2016.