Monday Motivation & The 100 Days Challenge

Monday Motivation & The 100 Days Challenge

I have so many new ideas floating around in my head. I have been seeing a lot of people on Instagram joining the 100 days challenge and I really wanted to join this time but didn’t have a specific goal in mind. I’ve been thinking more and more about it and I think that I may do my own little 100 day challenge. I love the idea of 100 days of finishing projects like The Crafty Ways. I also wanted to do 100 days of learning something new. Both of those are right up my alley! But then I ALSO wanted to do a 30 day vlogging challenge. I’ve never vlogged before, I don’t know how to use any editing software, and I don’t have a real goal in mind. I just think it would be a fun challenge! It might be a mix of watching a little too much of Casey Neistats vlogs too…

Now obviously that’s too much to take on at once. I’m going to start with 100 days of finishing projects and I’m going to try to film along with that. It won’t be every day to start with but enough that I can play with editing software and get more comfortable with it.

Here are the first ten items on my list that I am now committing to spending at least 15 minutes a day to complete. Once these 10 are completed I will add 10 more. I would LOVE to say that I’ll finish one project every day, but some of these projects are a lot bigger than others and that’s just not feasible right now.

Here we go!

  1. Paint trim in the house (it’s so close to being done!)
  2. Restain Dresser
  3. Lyndz Food Project
  4. Baby Book
  5. Catch up on Project Life 2017
  6. Update Reading Journal
  7. Finish Changing Name
  8. Sell Wedding Stuff
  9. Reorganize Craft Room
  10. Take Compass test